The Top 7 Simple App Ideas that Made MILLIONS for their Owners

Every app entrepreneur seems to share a very similar reoccurring dream.

At the beginning of this dream, you own a mobile app, and it is mentioned in a single Facebook post. Then, people begin to share this Facebook post with their friends.

Shortly afterwards, a major news outlet picks up on the story of your beloved app. You find out that the news outlet has already written an article over your app, and has shared it with their massive network of readers. Your app begins to receive mind-blowing levels of media attention. Even bigger news outlets begin to cover your app’s story.

Then, you turn on the television in your living room and realize that your app is being featured on the World Business Report. It goes absolutely viral. Your app becomes ranked in the top 10 of its category within a matter of days, and eventually breaks into the #1 spot.

You’re suddenly a multi-millionaire!

While this dream may seem a little bit outlandish to some, it’s actually become reality to a significant number app entrepreneurs who have stormed the mobile battlefield and fought through the masses en route to victory. They waged war on their competitors, and expanded their mobile brands into some of the greatest businesses which they could conjure.

Now, these kinds of apps don’t usually take off overnight.

But, what many of these app entrepreneurs initially shared at one point, was just a very simple idea.

They usually began their mobile ventures with the intention of solving a simple pain point, or by offering a genuine slice of value in the mobile marketplace.

We’ve provided you with a list of The Top 7 Simple App Ideas that Made MILLIONS for their Owners, so that you have an idea of what is truly possible with the most basic of dreams.*

1. Backflip Madness

At a price point of $0.99 with just over one million App Store downloads to date – this app’s gross revenue just barely provides the publishers of Backflip Madness with the notoriously cool “million dollar app company” status.
For a game which simply requires users to make their character perform backflips, stunts and a series of tricks in different locations – it’s a concept that you’ll wish you’d invented first.

2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

It’s a classic game that still manages to somehow top the charts of the App Store. And we do mean that it literally tops the charts at the #1 spot of the App Store’s paid games list as of June 2015.
At a price point of $6.99, this wildly simple yet addictive game is able to bring in about $100K per day.
It’s safe to say that the app’s Swedish owners who go by the company name of Mojang are doing extremely well for themselves.

3. Criminal Case

This app is published by a company called Pretty Simple – who understands that it’s oftentimes the most playful, addictive and simplest of apps which manage to rake in the millions. Criminal Case is a free adventure game with in-app purchases which prompts users to solve a series of crimes, and essentially play the role of a detective.
The app is estimated to bring in a total of at least eight figures in revenue for their owners as of 2017 ($10M+).

4. InstaFit

Building a brand based around another company’s platform is a calculated risk that many people will ultimately still decide to make. This is a risk that the owners of InstaFit decided to take – and it has seemingly paid them in dividends.
InstaFit fixes a simple problem that Instagram addicts have been battling for years. InstaFit has solved the need to post pictures on Instagram without having to crop the photo first.
With approximately 2M+ global downloads and a heavy utilization of in-app advertising, Bary Wyckoff is one happy appreneur.

5. Great Lightsaber

This is an app which presents a customizable lightsaber on your display screen for you to wave around, play with, and reenact your favorite scenes from Star Wars in your very own living room. Audio and all is included, as you wave your virtual, mobile lightsaber around.
5.5M+ global downloads and in-app purchases priced at $1.99 means that it’s more than likely that Byte Flux has hit the jackpot with this one.

6. Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny has achieved well over 8M downloads in the App Store by reminding you to drink water throughout the day.
It helps to solve the simple problem of accidental dehydration, and has made its owners of Fourdesire extremely well-off in the process.

7. Timegg Timer

This is a timer app which counts down the clock for boiling eggs to perfection. It’s quite clear that this is an app which honestly couldn’t get much simpler.
With 2.2M global downloads and an almost-perfect iPhone rating – we can say that Timegg Timer’s publisher John Jung is making a killing off of his ad-based revenue. He has likely won the App Store lottery by publishing one of the simplest ideas on the App Store, which ultimately made him a millionaire.

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